Development path

男女啪啪啪 The former South West Eco Development Limited ("South West Eco") was listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (HK.08291)

男女啪啪啪 South West Eco Development Limited moved from the GEM to the Main Board (HK.01908).

男女啪啪啪 C&D Real Estate Corporation Limited entered into the agreement to acquire South West Eco Development Limited, officially becoming its owner.

The Company entered the Changsha, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou market, laying out a nationwide real estate development business.

The Company entered the project operation and management business (including entrusted construction), formally laying out the real estate industry chain asset-light extension business.

男女啪啪啪 The Company established Shanghai Zhaoyu Asset Management Corporation Limited, formally entering the commercial asset management business.

The Company officially changed its name to C&D International Investment Group Limited (C&D International Group, HK.01908).

男女啪啪啪 The Company entered the real estate markets of Suzhou and Australia, further optimizing and strengthening the real estate business.

The Company set up a joint venture with Shenzhen PingAn. The new company would be committed to the development of medical and healthcare related industries.

男女啪啪啪 The Company established an Internet small loan company (Jianxin Small-Loan), entering the consumer finance industry.

男女啪啪啪 In 2017,the Company entered the real estate markets of Fuzhou, Longyan, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Zhangjiagang, Nanjing, Sanming, Guangzhou, and the revenue rose to beyond RMB10 billion.

The profit from the project operation and management business reached RMB100 million in 2017.

男女啪啪啪 Jianxin Small Loan made loans exceeding RMB 140 million, and the e-finance business kept growing in 2017.

The first clinic of Xiamen Wanjia was opened, and the emerging industry investment business was on track.

男女啪啪啪 The Company acquired Yijiayuan (Xiamen) Property Management Company Limited,and Huijia (Xiamen) Property Management Company Limited, enhancing the integrated real estate chain service business.

The Company acquired Shanghai Amanda Plaza, further strengthening the commercial asset management business.

男女啪啪啪 Distributing 0.3 HKD cash dividend per share.